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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stylin off duty

First of all I come to you with a sincere apology on my recent blogging silence. I've been working night shifts at work while battling bronchitis simultaneously. Meaning most of my free time has been spent sleeping. I'm feeling tons better now and I actually have the motivation to dress in something other than my subway uniform :)

My most recent inspiration comes from off duty models. I just can't get enough of the relaxed but really really cool look (and I'm actually trying to duplicate it as we speak).


I especially like this one cos my bf has taken to wearing his hair like that. haha :)



Kaitlin said...

black and grey are so simple...yet they totally speak volumes.
who doesnt love wearing black!

xo kaitlin

Esther said...

I also really enjoy the 'off-duty' looks of theirs. I see them all over tumblr and I always drool lol.

jardelle said...

Greetings to all the lovely bloggers,i missed all of you !