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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chilly, chilly is the evening time

Winter clothes....AGAIN. I can't begin to even explain how much I'm looking forward to the summer. Not because I have holidays, or graduate...but because I'd actually get to wear something wonderful without the restriction of a jacket and gloves and shoes and a hat. I could be carefree and wear whatever the fuck I wanted to.  FREEDOM OF CHOICE. 
On a better note: the ice track drivinng lesson went pretty well :) I'm still alive and so are the other 2 who were in the car.
Winter clothes. Notice the silly boots, they are a cult classic here. Literally EVERY Finnish parents buys a pair for their kids each winter until they're like 12. Well, my mum never stopped. A crime against fashion, but a life saver when it gets cold.

My lovely mango knit with all them stars!

Happy women's day!


1 comment:

Mary Lou said...

oh this pictures proof that red lips of course make an outfit;) love your stars sweater and that you added red gloves too! you look gorogus as always darling!