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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

H where art thou?

If you think that I've been distracted and busy during my examination period, think again! H has pretty much disappeared off the face of this earth as he's studying an inhumane amount of hours every day. Well, I finally got to have a date with him on Monday (a very hurried coffee and ice cream date) and I also lured him for a quick noodle lunch yesterday (GO ME!). Now I won't see him till Friday, and for a very co-dependent little Ninja that's a long time, considering that our dates were only about 1,5 hours each and I'm used to taking up about ten times that :P Luckily for me he has his last exam on friday and I get him back (muahahahahaaa!)

Whatever will I do when I move to Scotland and that silly boy stays here for his mandatory military training? Gonna be a LOOONG year. Anyone have experiences from LDRs?


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