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Monday, March 19, 2012

Inspired by punk rock style I bought a gorgeous dark purple lipstick from makeupstore today to celebrate THE END of my exams. I am now done with everything to do with high school 'cept graduation and I'm just overwhelmed with excitement of what the next year will bring. I'll continue working at Subway until I move to Aberdeen for uni. In between I'll also have time for a super awesome BFF trip to Sweden during Easter break and a summer holiday week to Istanbul with the love of my life. SWEET. 

And to contribute to the fashion side of this blog, some gorgeous pictures of one of my icons, Alice Dellal from a recent Chanel campaign (Don't you just LOVE her half shaved head?):



indie by heart said...

Grrreat post ! xx

- Indie by Heart

Mary Lou said...

alice is the rockstar in the modelworld, beautiful and stunning!