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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Friday Night

Had a lovely and relaxing night in with my boy: chocolates, strawberry champagne and Conan O'Brien. Fun fun fun :D Looking forward to the next one.

Crocker jean shorts, twentytwenty top, H&M jacket and fur gilet and a vintage scarf :)



indie by heart said...

Sounds such a lovely night! ^^ Haha my boy came from work at 10 pm and left almost straight away to meet a friend.. Oh well we get to hang more often anyways than he with his guyfriends x)

CUUUUTE outfit girl.

- Indie by Heart

Esther said...

Oh Ninja, I always love your outfits.

So GUESS who went to Tiesto?? I DID!!! Omg it was amazeballs, the vibe, the drinks.. oh gosh it was great and I don't regret taking the risk at all because it was soo worth it. The ticket was about 30 something euros (v.i.p pass was about double the amount) He looked so hot hot hot!!!
Ok, enough about the old guy lol.

KONY 2012, I agree with your rant post that the bracelets that are so called to support or whatever are a little useless because they are, how can a simple bracelet help the situation so bad? It's great though that now more people know about what's happening in Uganda (but they also have to realize that it's not only in Uganda, there are other east african countries that have these so-called leaders who terrorize people and no one seems to hear about them because all the buzz is about Kony). I understand that he's one of the bad guys but all the attention that he's receiving is just helping the other bad guys to get away with things but no one will realize since everything's about KONY.

SandM said...

Aww, love ur outfit!! :)
Take care xoxo

Esther said...

OMG I TTLY FORGOT TO WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY :/ Well, happy belated birthday girl, I read your post and seemed like u had a great night ;)

I know, I was so glad I took the risk because it was definitely worth it.

Oh and I'm from Zambia hehe not Uganda :)