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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well the kids are all hopped up an ready to go (they're ready to go now!)

I managed to find a close up of the new lipstick (although it's already pretty faded in this pic, much more purple when you first apply) as well as another one of my rocker inspired outfits. At least the BF loved this :)

Velvety leggings, converse all stars, loose top, leopard print knit and my new gorgeous BIKER JACKET (and hear this: it was only 2 euros at the fleamarket!). Also featuring my favourite bag of recent times and my new blingy sunnies from h&m.

I'm working this evening with one of my friends (YAY) and I have a day off to party and the such tomorrow (Even more YAY)...although I have work on Saturday afternoon (not so yay, when all you want to do is sleep all day).



Lizzie said...

LOVE those sunnies and cute shoes pretty gal :)


indie by heart said...

Aaaawww bargain ! i Love. :>

- Indie by Heart

Ps. My birthday Giveaway :)

ellakii sedgwick said...

sweetie you look amazing in this outfit!amazing color combo!many kisses from,

Esther said...

Wow such a bargain! The biker jacket looks bangin... i need to get me one hehe :D
You look cute!xx