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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall...

Yesterday was pretty awesome: fleamarketting with the bff and Back To The Future and home made pizza with H :) 
I also have the chance to go on a really cool trip IF I find cheap flights. I won't get too excited and share all the details yet, because it might not happen...But I'm moderately excited already ;)
I've noticed that I'm really into patterned leggings and I'm looking for the perfect pair at the moment. So look out for an inspo post about those.

Here's yesterday's outfit:

Tunic from Gina Tricot, ASOS rusty orange leggins, H&M denim biker jacket and a scarf from the fleamarket.

I made a bit of an effort on my hair for date night: a little twist in the front and a fishtail plait. Simple and cute. AND convenient, since it looks better the messier it gets! (No constant mirror checks)

Another favourite pair. I've glued these ones together a number of times already.

I apologize for the awful picture, but I had to show off my new silver eye liner from ZARA.

Thank you for all your support, angels.
Have a super duper week!



SandM said...

Nice look girl!
The jacket is soo pretty.
Take care x <3

Danielle said...

Great bright leggings - they're fab!


Ice Pandora said...

Cute outfit ^___^
and I really love what you've done to
your hair :o


Kaitlin Mattingly said...

love that big baggy scarf...looks so comfy

xo kait

K. Cruz said...

You look super adorable! Loving the fishtail braid. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog btw :).

Nicole said...

I love your shoes :)

And thank thank you for your participating in my competition, soon I'll make the article, that you have written and I'll also make a diploma for you :)

Mery said...

I love you boots !

Nicole said...

So the article is done, I hope you'll like it :))

Lauren said...

Love your scarf and your hair looks great! I'm quite impressed you can braid your own hair. I tried once a long time ago and it was not a successful attempt!

Monique said...

love the fishbone braid. your hair color is wonderful too and it looks awesome messy!

diamond girl said...

Nice look! I like your style :)

indie by heart said...

cuuuuuuuuuute. :>

xx indie by heart

EvA said...

I missed so much your posts...This outfit is awesome! And I love your braid so much!

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