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Friday, September 30, 2011

And the leaves turn yellow

 I love it :D Today I had my exam and I think it went rather well. More importantly today was my parents' 23rd anniversary and we celebrated it with a huge 3course dinner (tomato soup,mushroom risotto and panna cotta...Italian:). After all of these busy weeks of just grabbing a bite to eat it was so incredibly relaxing to sit down and catch up with everyone while actually enjoying what I was eating :P
Afterwards I pampered my mum by dying her hair.

  • I got a new idea for a nail DIY, so I'll try to produce it for you lot within a week.
  • I'm going fleamarketing tomorrow as a treat to myself :)
  • Just over a week till the October break and my trip to Italia to see la mia bella ragazza, friend since preschool and fellow blogger: Benedetta (check out her blog about photography and life :)
  • Since my sister became a veggie the rest of my family has been doing a lot of that too. As lovely as the idea is...I'M SICK OF IT. I miss steaks. So tomorrow H promised to BBQ or fry up something delicious for me :)

Simple and comfy outfit for the exam day: little knitted cardi, bf jeans by Levis and a (bo)red t-shirt.

This spectacular choice of slogan for the day seemed to cheer up one of the supervising teachers :P

I topped the look off with vintage style (*cough CHEAP COPY cough*) sunnies

and ofc my trusty ballet flats (THANKS S!!!!)

I couldn't be happier now. You guys contribute to a lot of that.
I haven't been commenting back as much as I'd love to, but you've still kept in touch and that means heaps :) I am slowly inching closer to normal. I still have one itty bitty test to study for and then I'm totally set for at least another month :D



Rachel said...

I love the knitted cardi. It looks vintage and so cozy chic.

<3 Rachel
dress ups and mess ups

SandM said...

Nice outfit :))
We love the shirt, haha!
The glasses are awesome *_*
Take care x

Esther said...

Oh that cardigan. Pretty much like the one on my Urban outfitter wishlist! <3
good luck on your exam!x)