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Friday, September 9, 2011

The kids are losing their minds

 The title refers to us Finnish seniors, who are just noticing how close the matriculations(a form of standardized testing that affects Uni applications)  are...not that the songs has ANYTHING to do with them, whatsoever. Mine start on Tuesday with my English listening exam. You'd think that it would be pretty easy for me, since English is my strongest language, but no. The catch is that there are sections where we have to translate English into Finnish (not so good since I've lived most of my life abroad). I'm still aming for the maximum, but we'll see how it goes. I also have my English written part very soon, followed by my History exam on the 19th and religion on the 30th. The "tricky" thing about History is that we've had six courses, so the test area is HUUUUUGE. However, I think I've studied pretty well (all through the summer!).

Now I'm taking a study break and updating my blog (my baby!) and reading Glamour magazine, before popping in a series of WWII documentaries (I got SICK of reading :P).
In addition to these I also have regular school assignments, so stress is piling up. Tomorrow the bff and I are having a de-stressing day: manicures, facials, movies etc. I could not look forward to it more!

The Finnish firework championships were on last night, close to my boyfriends house, so we climbed onto the roof for an amazing view of night time Helsinki and, of course, the fireworks themselves.
Another pretty cool thing is that his mum submitted us into an ice cream tasting panel. We're going to taste new flavours of healthy/light ice cream on Wednesday for two hours. The best part is that we both get 40 euro gift cards to a department store. Yay! We're planning a movie night with lots of yum-yums to celebrate :P

Here are my fuss free looks from yesterday and today:

What I wore yesterday: jumpsuit from H&M, denim biker jacket, black crocheted scarf and CT Converse (yes, again...)

Notice the little floral pattern :)

We also went out for some ice cream...mmmm!

Helsinki by night

Those were actually heart-shaped
Another rock and roll inspired look: H&M pants, KISS tee, Denim Vest by Mimika and my beloved Converse.

Well, the blitzkrieg calls and I must answer.

Strength, patience for your work and studies (I'm sending you happy thoughts!)


p.s. My apologies for the rant...sometimes it's just easier to take it out on you lot ;)


Mimma ♥ said...

Cute look!

Fariha said...

love your outfit,
Those pictures at the end are so pretty! xx

SandM said...

Nice looks ! :)
Love the jeans jacket and vest.
Take care x ♥

Ayu said...

...that ice cream looks yummy.. :) and i love the jeans biker jacket... :) thank you for commenting my blogpost! very sweet of you...

Mary ♥ Mur said...

oooh. love your blog so much!!
And I love this post really.)

Can you answer on my question?

What is your favorite place on earth and why?
It s really intresting for me, becaurse I love travaling and photo.)

Lauren said...

Good luck with all your tests! I only had to take the SAT to get into college, so I guess I was pretty lucky! I think I only took 4 AP tests which are subject-area tests, but they're for college credit, which was awesome. I didn't have to take the intro to American History class and I didn't have to take any English or Math classes the whole time I was in college, which was awesome. I still had to take a lot of French and History courses, but those were my majors so it was OK!

My husband would be so jealous if he knew you went to a fireworks championship. He loves stuff like that. Anyway, it's time to bring this long-winded comment to a close. Enjoy your weekend!

Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...

wow i love the little river where you took the photos! your oufits look cute too!


shop style conquer

Kat said...

such an awesome outfit! love those pants!!!!

milla said...

hei ihana blogi! =) ja nii meitsiki tykkäileee noista sormuksista ihan sikana!

lights out, it's night said...

thank you :-)

Cherry said...

Great oufit, I love your scarf!

Ammu said...

Kiitos paljon kommentistas!! :) Lämmitti mun väsynyttä mieltäni tänään!

Tätä sun blogias vois alkaa seurailee! Kirjoitat tosi hyvin ja mä oon onneks hyvä englannissa niin ei mitään ongelmaa! :D

Tsemppiä YO-kokeisiin!

Bre said...

Love ur Outfit. Cute :)


Thanks for the coment!
I like your oufit
I follow you!

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