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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quickie quickie

So I have my last BIIIG exam on Friday and I'm shitting bricks. In addition to all that stress today was not the best of days, but after a two hour long therapy session with a mate I feel tons better (here's to you ;). It is so very comforting that High School and the drama it holds within is soon over- and I HOPE that people actually do a bit of growing up before uni :D

I got to wear a new favourite garment today. Remember my post about leather shorts? I FOUND A PAIR. For 4 pounds in an Edinburgh vintage store, might I add. I am a happy ninja. I think that they fit beautifully (despite allegedly being size 10-12 (but size doesn't really mean a thing now does it? :)

Primark blouse, Lindex cardi, Thrifted vintage jacked, vintage leather shorts (!)
Bijoux Brigitte watch

Tango ballerinas

Now I will get back to my studies :) I know I promised to be back to normal by Monday, but I will just push through this last exam and then I really will. I have lots of great piccies for you lot from Edinburgh that I will be showing you this weekend.

Thank you for being here and supporting me through my exams, it has made a world of difference!



p.s. I TOTALLY aced my English finals :) I will be graduating with top grades!


Rachel said...

Oh i like this outfit. You look edgy and pretty at the same time. Well done.

<3 Rachel
{dress ups and mess ups}

indie by heart said...

cuuuute & edgy ! ^^

mulla olis nahkashortsit kanssa, miksen ossaa pitää niitä ;> hi kiitti inspiraatiosta!
xx indie by heart

Esther said...

Oh those shorts. Lucky you! but whaa you will be going to Edinburgh for uni???


p.s I have something for yaaa on my blog ;)

Mary said...

Your shorts are very cute!

Monique said...

Good luck with your exam! Love those edgy shorts.

Lizzie said...

Gahhhh great find with those shorts...they look so great on you :D


Nicole said...

Your look is great, just for this weather... And congratulations for your studies! :))