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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I bless the rains down in Africa

 As some of you lot may know by now, I'm Tanzania (almost) born and raised and I consider it to be my native country. My parents had to bring me here literally kicking and screaming. I've been here for almost five years now and lately homesickness has been driving me crazy.
Well, last night I was feeling very emotional and made the HUGE mistake of listening to Toto's Africa on repeat. Cue the water works :P And I've been feeling a little down and melancholic today (nothing mum's lasagna wont cure though ;).
Well I'm feeling better now, but it doesn't help me from missing the gorgeous country that played such a huge part in how I turned out. Long live Africa <3

Gold-threaded blouse from Turkey, Levi's jeans, Bag from Turkey, belt is mum's old and scarf is thrifted

Thrifted ring, nailpolish by MAVALA

Bag from the bazaar (Turkey as previously stated), notice the cool umbrella holder from TZ

Gourd drinking bottle bought on our trip to sonjo land a few years ago

So I know that this is really a love song, but somehow I just link it to home.

Thank god tomorrow's Friday. I can tell you that I'm looking forward to another super weekend.

All the best to you my lovelies!



Clément Dezelus said...

Love your style ! Follow you ! Follow back ?

Kisses from France ;)

SandM said...

Thank u for the comment ! :)
Nice outfit, you look pretty.
Followed! follow back ?
Take care x

Mery said...

lovely blog !

perfect hippie said...

Awh thanks for your sweet comment.
I'm thinking about a levis jeans but i have NO idea how much they cost. Would you tell me how much yours was? xxx

Lauren said...

That bag is amazing!!! Love your casual style. And now that song is stuck in my head. Grrr! :-)

the young and immortal said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. that was very sweet :)
i love your pictures. some of them are really creative and all of them are really cute. i'm following!
~niki from the young and immortal

taylor said...

i looooove that song. and your shoes are killer! love your blog, following:)

xxAttention, Attention!

Cheryl Julia said...

I love the song! I am always massacring it in the car. Love the bag and shoes! :)

Benny said...

Babe, you are beautiful. I LOVE these pictures. And I know the missing tanzania too :( I'm also missing you! <3 xx

christinecocochanel said...

The colour of your nails are gorgeous! I think it's great that people admire their own native country! I'm chinese but i live in the UK, but there's loads of traditions i do over here that keep my asian side grounded (:


Katia said...

Cute photos :) I love your bag!

EvA said...

Love your nails, heels and ring so much! And beautiful hair, dear! <3
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Esther said...

Love the outfit and and and the BAG!! ahhhh man. I want that bag haha.
Love the song as well. It's s o relaxing, especially when im doing homework.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Your hair's so amazing. x hivenn