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Friday, September 2, 2011

Another inexcusable night shoot

Okay, so I guess there's an excuse: I was at H's house eating junk and watching telly and my camera was conveniently at home. But tomorrow I WILL have it with me :)
This is a bit of a double post, since he got his winter jacket from ASOS not too long ago and is dying to show it off, so I'll hand the spotlight to him for a minute.

We got him this gorgeous military cut coat from the ASOS summer sales for only 3 euros (not bad since the starting price was 120!)

Not completely serious here :P He just HAD to borrow my Lennons.

As to my outfit: I went with something super comfy and boyish, but brought a bit of girly charm into it with a pair of ballerina flats and a ring.

H&M (boy's section) parka, H's Zara man T-shirt, Levi's boyfriend jeans (This theme was actually quite accidental), a big woolen scarf (one of my favourite accessories) and Tango flats

The only good thing about shooting at night is the random body parts that disappear, it's always such a fun surprise!

And then I became the koala-ninja
Waking up bright and early tomorrow to go to the fleamarket with my bestie and then I have a subway and pancake date with the mr. Good day coming up! :)
On a more negative note: my matriculations are creeping up on me and I still don't feel confident that I'll do well. I got my English listening preliminary test back today and I only got the second to best score...not good enough :P

You all have a lovely lovely weekend and you'll hear from me again very soon :)!



Ginger Snap ♥ said...

His coats great, i love the sunglasses too. Your outfit is also lovely, love the photos.

jos xx said...

from where are you? it's so funny to see you wearing scarf and jacket, not that there is something wrong with them, but here we're dying with this heatwave and it's supposed to be autumn soon!

jos xx

Baby Budget Blog said...

Cool and fun pics :) Love the last one!!

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Nicole said...

Great photos :)......I', not sure, but I think that |I bought the same T-shirt, you are wearing here on saturday =D

Nicole said...
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Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...

thanks sooooo much for your uber sweet comment!

your blog is really cool too!

i would appreciate it so much if you and your friends could follow me! spread the word! ;)


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Clément Dezelus said...

The last pic is so crazy ! LOve your style !

DailyGlamour said...

Funny post

Teodora said...

Your pics are so much fun. I love the details on your outfit - belt, ring, nail polish, scarf, etc.

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.


Follow each other?

Fredrika said...

Thank you for your comment, and wow I can't believe how late I am at answering??
Anyways.. :b That last picture is so cute! And I love fleamarkets :D

Mery said...


t said...

Nice looks!

Nicole said...

I have a competition on my blog with lyrics of one song by Twiggy, so If you wanna participate- visit my blog! :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

I love both of your coats. x hivenn

Missy Cheeks said...

nice and comfortable parka :=)

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