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Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Christmas I...GOT MAIL

You may remember that about a month ago I won a giveaway by Mr and Mrs Tweed at my lovely miss. Poliennes blog. Well last week I got a note from the post office saying that I had a package to pick up! It waas a gorgeous shiny golden package, but what was on the inside was even better: a beautiful green shirt dress that has absolutely stolen my heart :) What a great start to a new year.
I was dying to style it, but as I was staying at H's I didn't have too many accessories or garments with me, so it turned out quite simple(but cute!).

They also had this cute checklist and a fortune cookie in the package, which just added a very glamorous touch

I plan on wearing it again on the first day of school (tomorrow :/), so you can look forward to much better pictures!



fashion suicides said...

Hahaha, how funny, I participated to the same giveaway! Congrats! You look gorgeous with it! The color is so beautiful on you.


Paulien said...

Glad you like it! It looks quite oversized but pretty cool! Still sad I couldn't keep it for myself ;-) Curious about your further styling sessions with it!