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Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Christmas I... went on a cruise

A bit of a silly picture, but it shows the length of my new hair. Whaddoyathink?
My outfit was just a warm coat, scarf, jeans, H's flannel shirt and a funky lil hat from H&M

Last week my family and I took a day-cruise to Tallinn in Estonia for a lovely day of pampering at a salon and shopping. H came along as well as he tends to be a good laugh and hasn't visited Tallinn in around 10years. It was a pretty basic day filled with sightseeing and food (LOTS of it sushi, sweets, African cuisine and coffee house treats.). We did it family style and played card games on the ferry, good fun :)
I went in for a trim at the salon, but the lovely lady spoke very little Finnish or English so I ended up with a little bit more of a chop. I'm over the initial shock now and I'm sure it'll all be back in a few months!


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Lizzie said...

awww, such fun and pretty photos! Glad you had a great time :)