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Monday, January 23, 2012

Study Leave

Starts in 3 days! After those three measly days, all I have to do is study my little toosh off, show up at the exams (and of course ace them!) and get the heck out of high school. Hasta la vista! ;)
Many exciting things are also due to happen during this period of studying, the least of which is actually studying (sure to happen a lot, but needless to say: rather unexciting)

  1. Valentine's day-. I know, I know. It comes every year. But you see, this one's the first I'll ever celebrate with H (or anyone for that matter). We were together on Valentine's last year as well, but my idea of a celebration is not being sandwiched between my sisters, watching tv and eating a microwave meal of meatballs and mash. Yeah. This year we're cranking it up a notch and doing the whole dinner and movie thing.
  2. Senior day (or penkkarit in Finnish) where we get to dress up in whacky costumes (50s is our theme), have our own show at assembly to reminisce on our years in HS and humiliate teachers in the most elaborate ways and ride on the back of a truck around town and throw candy at people. Finnish traditions: don't get 'em, never will. But hey, as long as it's fun.
  3. Turning 18. FINALLY. As I started school a year early everybody else in my class has already reached the magical age of clubbing and I have been left behind. But not for long! I am planning a bit of a get-together at a pool and snooker bar. We'll see how that turns out ;)
  4. Going to Lapland. Very pivotal in many ways: firstly, I am a failure as a Finn as I have never actually visited Lapland...or learned to downhill ski properly (much to the disgust of my future father-in-law). Secondly, this will be my first ever holiday (or vacation to you Americans) with my boy's folks, so the 13hour drive is sure to be interesting to say the least. LUCKILY they are lovely people, and we get along swimmingly.
  5. I GET UNI RESULTS. This scares me so much I can't believe it. On some level I am just itching and burning and dying to get out of this country and actually get started with my life. On the other hand, poor little Ninja will have to survive there alone for an entire year, since H is starting his mandatory military service. Damn.
I will keep you updated on all of this :) And of course outfit posts and the glorious world of fashion.

With much love and excitement,

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Lauren said...

GOOD LUCK with everything!