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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I love men. I love looking at men. I love their hair, their eyes, how tall they are...but most of all I love their clothes! I hear so many complaints about there being too little to wear if you're a man. So today I wanted to make a post (in a very loving an non-malicious manner) especially to inspire any fellar who has the misfortune of finding themselves here- and for you girls who are looking to spice up your man's wardrobe.

If all of the above seems a little too gimmicky: remember that aren't many things hotter than a plain white shirt and jeans (except for no shirt)


Disclaimer: I obviously do not own any of the images above, many are taken from the lookbooks of incredibly stylish men. If someone is offended by their picture being up contact me and I will take it down ASAP.


Mary Lou said...

oh darling kisses for you for this post, it was exactly today that i was talking with the girls that there are so few stylish boys wearing the right clothes ;) and they would have so many opportunities to look just great but don´t even try, well but luckily your post saved my day and my image of men haha i love leather jackets on boys and this guy with the red scarf is really a cutie with a lot of sense of style!!!;)

niki said...

oh goodness i love men too...correction: i love classy men :)
~niki <3