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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

memories of everything that blew through

I've had a chilled out day today. The point of it is to pretty much relax, because I don't have another free afternoon/evening before Monday, as I have my driver's ed tomorrow and shifts at work Fri-Sun (but hey, no complaints, more shopping money for me :P). Basically what I did was get some mags and tea and just take it easy for a bit, work out and then take long bath followed by a lovely little nap. mmmm :)
Here's a few snaps and my ootd:

vintage blazer (this time brown, same store as the tartan one) over a denim shirt and leggings with boots from MONKI, a cuddly scarf and a felt hat. Also this gorgeous ring from Rome.

Lesson of the day: no matter how busy you are, remember to take time off for yourself. It makes a world of difference.


Lauren said...

Love that ring! I'm glad you got to have a nice, relaxing day. We all need that once in a while! I'm really bad about not being able to relax and do nothing--I need to work on it.

-marta said...

Ahh you have such lovely photos.
Love that ring too!