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Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm obviously having a bit of a hair obsession lately, but I have decided that I must add new styles to my repertoire as I only tend to wear it in a side pony, regular pony, low pony, side braid, french braid, a bun or pinned all over the place. So repetitive. I decided that mission number1 is to finally make the effort to practise braiding, from the boho dangly plaits to the very classy updos. Braids are my choice of weapon today because they can look so unbelievably glam while still being very organic and low-maintenance + with a bit of extra hairspray you can wear it two days in a row. Perfect!

Here are a few exciting ways to spice up your every day braids:

Try braiding a crown of loose braids on top of your hair to show off your features. Tip: I find it easier to make a tighter braid first, fasten it and then loosen with my fingers.
Keep your french braid(s) tight and create lots of texture with your hands and a tiny bit of product like wax.
For a really relaxed take on the classic "bangs out of the way"-braid, make it super thick and messy. Don't bother fastening it, just let the tips mold into your natural hair.
If your fringe is still bugging you you could try these super tiny plaits paired with curls. Gorgeous!
I am personally more than in love with this look! Just a simple side plait, but the fringe really gives it a nice contrast. Effortlessly cool.
For a more grown up take on the pigtail braids, do them french and make them HUGE and  super messy!
Or take a cue from Heidi with this cute milkmaid braided style: just part your hair in the center , create braid on either side of the head and pin up. There's room for lots of variation.



Kaitlin Mattingly said...

omg i love all the braids. so classic but adds so much flavor to a look!

xoxo katlin

VeRo! said...

i add braids to my repertoir and they have totally saved me in bad hair days!!!

Lauren said...

I think my hair is almost long enough...