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Saturday, January 21, 2012


I had a super lazy morning followed up by a very busy afternoon and evening at work. What saved my day was the sweetest Scottish guy who assured me that my university choices are fabulous :P a fantastic radio station and a surprise pizza from the restaurant across also made it easier to get through (not that work at subway is that hard :P).

Here's my morning outfit (I still think that I should show you my cute uniform some day!):
A very basic chill outfit: levi's bf fit jeans, gina tricot knit, h&m boy's parka, h&m headband, winter boots, and adorable dog ;)



Mary Lou said...

wow you really live in a white winter wonterland darling;) love your headband and the supercute doggie of course;)

Angela Krasnick said...

I love your jeans and your whole outfit, it's always nice to be comfy for a day! The headband is killer too!


Mary said...

I love these pictures! They look spontaneous!

Nicole said...

Continue in looking so cool and beautiful! =)

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Lauren said...

Love that headband! And the cute dog!

We're having a really weird winter--the high is in the 50s today, so no snow for us!

elliii said...

love ur outfit!! <3