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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Remember this cute knit sweater from Mango? I swear I wore it 3 days in a row this weekend. Sad, I know. But maybe I seem less pathetic if I told you that I first spotted it in Rome last autumn, but decided to save money and refrain from buying it- and I'm glad I did because I found it here paired with a beautiful -50% tag on it ;)
Here's one of my starry looks:
Zara dress, Mango knit, h&m furry waistcoat, leggings, h&m hat and my lovely winter aviator heels. Tadaa!



Mary Lou said...

oh ninja i would wear this sweater very often as well;) i love stars print and i want to steal your hat;)
love and kiss,mary

indie by heart said...

Ihana tähti(paita?) CUTE! :>

xx Satu
Indie by Heart

Lauren said...

I can't blame you for wanting to wear it all the time! Such a fun sweater!