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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The time of my life

Yesterday I treated my bf to a stay at a lovely spa hotel for their annual Christmas party. We got relaxing spa treatments (aka we both fell asleep), we lounged around in the vip lounge in our bathrobes (and downed the can of ice tea), had a lovely three course meal (which I was meant to photograph, but totally forgot, because I was SO hungry), drinks at another lounge and then a bit of dancing at the club. This morning we woke up to a humongous breakfast buffet and lounged around a bit more in our ocean-view room :)  I honestly think that this is the best gift I ever got anybody!
Tomorrow I get to go fleamarketting with the bestest best bud of them all: Sharky! :)

The first and only picture we got of the both of us and it turned out magnificent!

My outfit: A floaty Vero Moda midi-dress, a fur vest from H&M and chunky heels from  Bianco

The bar and lounge

The morning after:

Chipper as ever. Wearing a thrifted knit and boots, Levi's jeans and the same vest.

It sucks that it's over, but I'm so happy it happened :D  Makes for good memories of how silly and sweet we were when we were young. I just love how much we just enjoyed each others' company and just chatted away all night...that is until I fell asleep on his lap watching "weird or what". Ahhh, amore!

Lots of loving thoughts to you as well!


Mimma ♥ said...

I like your look!

Mary Lou said...

oh you two look so cute and adorable together, really love the pic of you both! love is in the air, everywhere you look around;)

Mary said...

so cute!

Melissa Tchieu said...

Love that fur vest <3!!!
U were so sweet to your bf :))

Lucija said...

OMG, you and your boyfriend look amazing together. And I absolutely love your fur vest. The christmas-y feel you got on the photos is amazing :))


Esther said...

You two look adorable together and I'm digging the bar and lounging area. It looks so fab! Hope you had an amazing time <3