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Sunday, December 4, 2011


I don't know what it is that I did in my past life to upset the universe, but it seems like whenever I have a really good streak going I get ill. Bleurg.
But less about sicko-ninja (in all senses of the word) and more about the awesomeness I was subjected to yesterday by my (very tolerant) boyfriend. We went to the biggest department store in Helsinki just to walk around and look at the Christmas displays (and pick up a little something something for my BFF). We also had the BEST ice cream ever (I am now a mövenpick convert!) at the cafe and caught a surprise performance of a legendary Finnish rock star (so nobody too special ;). After more than enough of shopping my man treated me to a delicious Chinese buffet (the way to my heart is though my tum-tum).
But the awesomeness doesn't end here! Then we went to his friend's housewarming party where we assembled a Foosball table and had a bit of a tournament and just had a really chilled evening with great company :) 
Got to sleep in real late today and I felt fine until about 4 when I needed to take a nap, and I woke up all feverish. Ick. But it'll pass.
Here's some picture material from yesterday and a peek at my outfit:

The Christmas lights on the highstreet (or Aleksaterin katu, hence the As)

from the left: raspberry-strawberry sorbet, white chocolate ice cream (literally the BEST ice cream I've ever had!) and a mango-passion sorbet. Don't worry, we split it. 

I want some of these for my own home some day!

Vintage denim shirt, white knit from Cubus, H&M hat , random leggings, mum's scarf :)

My new two-finger ring, although I like to call it a brass-knuckle 'cos it's way more hard core ;)
 I hope you enjoyed my picturific post!


Mary Lou said...

oh i want some of those glitter heels for my christmas tree haha
of course i enjoyed this very picturific post!
love and kiss,mary

Angela Marie said...

Looks like so much fun!!
The heels were super cute.
and love your outfit!

Feel better soon :)

Nicole said...

oh how I love christmass decoration...! =)

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

i'm in love with christmas decorations...this post makes me smile.

xoxo katlin

little t said...

These pics have really put me in the Christmas spirit!

Esther said...

Love your outfit and that hat is adorable! The shopping center seems amazing and all those decorations just made my christmas spirit rise to a 100 :)