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Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Santa,
Some of these would rock my world.

I've been trying to be a super good girl!

With love,


indie by heart said...

i want the 1st .. and the ones before last, so that makes them 6. Couldn't walk in those but they're just gorgeous :D !

Have a lovely weekend,
even though it's not very white or Christmasy right now I hope we get the right spirit ;>

xx indie by heart

VeRo! said...

looove all these shoes! :D

College Beauty Junkie said...

That last pair is incredible. Would love something like that for a New Year's Eve party.

Mary Lou said...

oh i wasn´t a super good girl this year but the second shoes would rock my world too;) great choices!
love and kiss,mary

Melissa Tchieu said...

O M G about the last picture! Thats so SHINY!! I love it.
Sure rocks every girl's world :)
follow you now. xo!