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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy 94th Birthday Finland!

Independence day is not such a big deal for me, because I think that that's something to be grateful about year-round and not just pretend to care on one day. I do, however, enjoy the random day off :D
Today I had a bit of a Christmas party with the BFF complete with Christmas movies, home made burgers, a gift exchange, manicures and goofing around with the camera. Perfect chilled out day for recovering from a cold!

Making her first 1milliondresses appearance: Sharky aka S aka the BFF

We tested out this awesome KONAD-nail art set  today. It's pretty much a slab with designs on it and a stamper. It was easy to use, just like the package said. However, it wasn't all that quick, since you had to clean the image plate after each application (not the stamper, though). The images turned out rather sharp every time and the image plate had plenty of patterns to get started with!

an example of one of the designs
I went for this random line and spot design and I love it!

Tadaa! Um,yeah..we still wear matching clothes sometimes, even though are styles are quite different (much to the amusement of our friends and families). Here we're wearing fun wintery leggings from cubus (to celebrate the first SNOW this year!). S has paired them with a cute little shirt dress from god knows where and I'm wearing a top and my MONKI blazer.

A close-up of her adorable belt

S's gorgeous earrings from Istanbul

Hope you all had a fabulous day!


SandM said...

Love your nails! :))
Wow, these tights are gorgeous!
Take care xoxo

Lizzie said...

Aw your nails are so cute! I also love your festive and fun :)


Agam said...

Awwww the nails look so cute and chic too :)
Great pictures!!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)