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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fashion report....HELSINKI?!?

Yes, you heard me. On Tuesday (the independence day) the the President had a traditional ball  at her palace with around 2000 of Finland's créme de la créme (so war veterans, mp's, musicians, athletes etc.)... very formal! People tune in mainly to watch everyone's like our Oscars in that sense, except in a sea of blue of gray  "safe choices" (each more boring than the one before) there only tends to be one or two true gems.
This year I absolutely fell in LOVE with the dress singer Jenni Vartianen wore. I couldn't help but share:

This beautiful dress was designed by Katri Niskanen (Finland). In addition to the fun pop of colour I fell in love with the almost regal draping that starts at the shoulders and skims down her back like a cape. The whole styling and colour scheme reminded me of an oriental princess and the jewellery by "Lorukoru" as well as the Alexander McQueen clutch (sigh...) complete the look. All I can say is that I'm jealous that I never came up with the concept :P

I love how the necklace reaches far down the back, almost to the draping. 

What do you think?




Sarah said...

The dress is gorgeous. I don't usually like orange but it looks really elegant on her!


Clément Dezelus said...

So stylish ! LOve it !

Esther said...

She trully looked amazing in this dress! Imagine if I were wearing it against my skin tone? Oh man it would be gooooorge!