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Thursday, May 31, 2012

wannabe rocker

I have to start this one with an apology (AGAIN), for being absent for the past week or so. BUT (AGAIN) I have very good reasons (at least in my opinion :P). I've been working extra shifts to make up for the days I'm going to be off for my graduation festivities (starting tomorrow with rehearsals for Saturday's party and ending in a lovely little hangover day on Sunday).
To make up for it, I have a bunch of GOORGEOUS outfits I can't wait to show you!

One of my classic "oh god, I just wanna be in a rock n' roll band...please"-looks. My very much loved rolling stones tee, leather pants, tartan scarf, lovely leather shoes and bag and my favourite summer jacket.

Stay tuned for more. Pam-pam-PAAA!



Kaitlin said...

how darling is that top.
i've totally been loving rocker tees at the moment.

xo kaitlin

Lizzie said...

LOVE this look! How are you always sooo stunning?! Also, can I have your hair? lol :)


kath said...

like your top!


Esther said...

You look so ready to rock on. Love the shirt.
Hope you're well! xoxo

Nini said...

i like the rolling stones shirt

Eline said...

great trousers!