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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just the basics

Another quick outfit post of something I wore a while back. Nothing groundbreaking whatsoever, but an outfit everyone should own! Just your basic jeans and tee with a nice cropped jacket for a rocker feel. These are my usual building blocks for other outfits, but worn together they are just classic: so comfy...and a confidence boost on one of those pesky fat-days :) 

H's incredibly photogenic (AND LOUD) dog :)

And the magic of the outfit is in all those little details: shoes, belt and jewellery that bring it all together!

It's SO hard to get a decent pic of most dogs...not this one, it just sits there majestically and poses until he sees you're finished. Model material?


p.s. I just had the BEST salad ever: goat's cheese and rucola with a raspberry dressing. I want more!


Kaitlin said...

totally love those jeans on you and that earring is amazing

xo kaitlin

indie by heart said...

Ihania kuvia, söpö koira! ^^ Nätti tuo korvakoru..

Indie by heart

Clément Dezelus said...

Amazing earrings !