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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

High School does end

Results in today and I'm most definitely graduating and I couldn't be happier :) While I really enjoyed the courses at my school and most of the teachers as well, I can't say that I'll really miss a lot of people from my graduating class. Just the ones I came into HS already knowing. It is a damn liberating feeling knowing that I don't have to see some faces ever again!

 Even went shopping for a traditional Finnish graduation hat (or whatever you call those) and (of course) they only had a size too small and a size too big. I went with the big one, assuming that I could make up for the loose space with HUGE hair. Also I just had to celebrate my results with some nocciola gelato straight from Italy, along with a few trashy mags.

For the graduation ceremony in June, I plan to do my hair a little like this:

Can't wait to put one of these bad boys on my head and party like there's no tomorrow!


1 comment:

fashion suicides said...

Oh, enjoy it! You can only go one time to your prom :). The hair will looks gorgeous, I'm sure! :)